Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DD Day 7


Today we baked cookies. My mom bought H this adorable little cooking set that came with a small rolling pin, small spoon, 6 cookie cutters, and a silicone, tree-shaped pan. Since he received the set he's been wanting to make a cake in the pan. We didn't get to the cake yet, but yesterday we did make cookies. He seemed to love every minute of it. I was amazed at how much he pays attention. He knew we needed butter and went to get some out of the fridge on his own. He wanted water and milk to put in the mix as well, but I had to explain that wasn't necessary for these cookies. He is growing up so fast and he picks up on so much. I am amazed by him daily.

Unwrapping the butter


Scooping out the spoonfuls

What we made...he ate the rest of the dough with a little help from Mama and Daddy
Enjoying the rewards of baking

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