Friday, December 17, 2010

DD Day 14

Family Time

We (the boys and I) took a walk this afternoon to my best friends work and my husband met us along the way. The walk was fun. H always enjoys getting outside and pushing the buttons to cross the street. G and J enjoy it too, but I know they want out of their strollers and I'm not ready for that yet. At her work we surprised her and had lunch with her. It was a great family lunch. She and the boys got to cuddle and visit, and after lunch, when she went back to work, we had a great time playing in the grass as a family. The boys walked and ran and we chased them. We may not have snow, but at times like these, I'm grateful for our mild weather. I love that we can still play around outside during December.

Taken on our way home (H, J, and G)
Family lunch
G and J

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