Saturday, December 11, 2010

DD Day 11


Tonight we drove around and looked at lights. It was a fun little outing. The twins fell asleep as we were driving around. H was extremely into looking at the lights. In fact, he couldn't see enough. There were a few times we stopped and he unbuckled his seat and sat on his knees looking around; then we had to buckle up again so we could go. My husband and I enjoyed finding the "overachiever" houses...houses where the people had gone above and beyond. Some of the pictures we took were of these houses, others were of displays we liked. Our favorites from the night were on Chapman Pl. which has the best lights in town. A simple family outing, one H probably won't remember for years to come, but hopefully the beginning of a tradition each year that will stick with him.

Simple and pretty. They had TONS of poinsettias.

Overachiever - there is a lot you can't see because I didn't use a flash.

An it!

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