Friday, January 24, 2014


I finally finished H's coat. I started it over Chrismas break and mostly finished it. All I had left to do was add cuffs (the sleeves were a smidge short) and buttons/button holes. I put it off for no real reason but I am glad to say it is done and he loves it. He calls it his cool jacket and has worn it to school every day since I finished it (made funnier by our 80° temps each day, at least it starts out cool).

Before it was finished
All done (and his pose idea)
Lining and details
Now to force myself to sew up the twins who ask me daily if theirs are done. At least I'm on my way - they're both cut out.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


It's January and I have yet to write any posts like I thought I would. This month has flown by. I can't say I've been overly productive but I'm hoping to complete some larger projects soon (like coats for each of the boys).

Here's a little update on each of us.

Husband is awesome and loving his job. He's busy but enjoying some changes that are new this year.

I'm doing better about cleaning and hoping to be done with all the allergy/sinus whatever that seems to be a constant every January.

H is doing well in school. This past week he brought home his best progress report yet. He loves legos and is a big help. We're working on starting chores with him. He likes school still and has been speaking Spanish better.

G and J are growing so quickly; they turned 4 in December.  They are attending preschool for a few hours one day a week. They enjoy having friends over and playing with others. G is working really hard on writing his name. It is awesome. He always leaves out the o and always writes certain letters as capitals. J is enjoying art more and his drawings amaze me. At preschool this past week he drew houses, a ladder, and hearts. They are very active boys.

W is SO big. At his 15 month check up he weighed 20 lbs. He walks, runs, and climbs. He is trying to talk and now says: Mama, Addy (daddy), Papa, apple, banana, please, socks and shoes, and cracker. Today he said chip. He tries to say thank you sometimes and I've heard him say what sounds like I love you after I've said it. He likes to wrestle and love on his brothers. He's still very much a Mama's boy.

I think that's about all. Life is keeping us busy.