Monday, June 18, 2012

Swim Lessons, Teachers, and Family

What a weekend, and what a Monday.

Today H started swim lessons for the first time. He was so very excited. I wish I had snapped a picture as he and Husband walked toward the pool. He had his little backpack on that contained his towel and he was looking back at me smiling and waving. It was perfect. You could see the excitement on his face. Shortly after I dropped them off, Husband called and told me he was in the pool, jumping and dancing around, and had already made a friend. When I picked them up, H told me how he had lots of fun and tried to tell me now he knows how to swim. I have no doubt it will be soon. He practiced floating on his back and swimming with a kick board. He had a few problems following directions and did not like the idea of putting his face in the water (he's never been big on water in his face). I'm hoping that over the next two weeks, he'll continue to love swimming and water and he'll want to learn more. I'm also hoping that we can grow his following directions skills.

I was supposed to get a visit from his teacher and principal today. While that did happen, it happened after we left for swim lessons (we're talking about 10 minutes after we left). I'm sad I wasn't home to greet them, but I'm also glad my mother-in-law was here and was able to answer the door. They left a packet for us and H was so excited at the thought of homework. If I can keep that excitement going for the rest of his school career I'll be happy. We looked through the packet, which contains things like a letter tracing mat and a CD of songs they'll sing in school. It also has color and shape cards with the Spanish words for each (he's going to be going into a dual-immersion program). I think he's most excited about the flashcards, but the packet itself is a prized possession right now. Here's hoping we can get him comfortable enough with some of the Spanish words that he won't feel completely lost on day 1 of school. Here's praying we can comfort and encourage him when he does get frustrated, and help him to move with the program. I really want him to succeed and benefit from this decision.

This past Friday Husband's parents arrived. They spent the weekend with us. It was a nice time. It is nice to have them here for so many reasons, from the kids' excitement about spending time with them to the small reprieve of it not just being me and the boys. My sister-in-law graduated with her Bachelor's degree on Sunday. We were able to go to their house after the ceremony for a BBQ to celebrate her accomplishment. I don't have pictures, we weren't there long because Husband needed a nap after his work shift. Still, it was a good time spent with family.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


When I was pregnant with the twins I told Husband I would need a maid after they were born. That never happened. I wish it had, I'm not a clean freak. I like to have a clean house, and I can clean a house fairly well (especially if it isn't my own and I'm getting paid for it), but it is a lot of effort. I am constantly fighting my nature to neglect the dishes, along with everything else. It is hard!

Right now, for instance, I'm supposed to be cleaning the dishes. I'm tired. I've been up since 4am and I didn't sleep terribly well. I want to cuddle with my boys on the couch and watch cars or Dumbo or Jonah, anything but wash those dishes, clean the counters and stove, sweep and mop the floor. It all needs to be done and I don't care. If only I had a maid to do it all for me, or maybe a self-cleaning kitchen like on that one episode of Tool Time. That would be awesome. For now I guess I'll have to rely on myself to get up after typing this and begin. I'll have to remind myself how happy pretty counters make me and how much I love it when the house smells clean after using Pinesol on the floors. I need to remember that anything worth doing is worth putting forth the effort it requires.

Should I succeed at my mission, I will be taking pictures and editing to add those pictures. I will also be guaranteeing that my boys and I take very good naps, them because they've been up since 5-something and me because I'll be doubly exhausted.

**Edited to add these pictures and to say that I think nesting has kicked in. I am no longer to content to get the dishes done and wipe down the counters and clean the stove. All I could see was dirt everywhere. I started washing down cabinets and scrubbing the sides of the stove. I'm happy to have it so clean, and almost irritated when it gets used (like it did to cook dinner) because then it isn't perfect anymore and I have to start again.

The stove (yes, the window is clean too)
I haven't gotten to the bar behind this counter, but the counter makes me happy!
So much space
A different angle

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer & Swimming

Well, summer has started and my boys are loving the pool. They've been loving it for a while now, but that love has increased as they now have a bigger pool to play in. The little 4-ft pool from last summer just isn't big enough for an almost 5-yr-old and two 2 1/2-yr-olds. We upgraded to an 8-ft pool and there is plenty of room to play and even enough that Husband and I can sit in there with them if we wish (or if they do).

Next week H starts swim lessons. That should be a fun experience for all of us. I wanted to enroll the twins in a parent and me class, but we had some scheduling issues with help. Not a big deal. We'll do our own parent and me stuff with them (and H) on our own time, and they can have fun in the pool in the backyard. I'm looking forward to the fun and memories we'll make in the water this summer, as well as the pictures I hope to get documenting it. Who knows, maybe one (or more) of my boys will be more bold than his mama and go out for the swim team when he's in high school.

G, J (back), and S
H - See the size difference 
G, H, and S
H and G
H and G
H and G
H and G
H and G
J - Both twins saw H do this, but G doesn't trust the tube enough to try it

Saturday, June 2, 2012


The twins got their first haircuts in December of 2011. Yes, they were 2 years old, and yes, it was only a trim. They looked cute, and I was glad to have their hair out of their eyes. It wasn't until that haircut that I realized just how crazy and unruly their curly hair must have looked to some people.
J post-haircut
G post-haircut

Well, since December it has just been growing and growing. I've probably been saying they need another trim since April. With the crazy hot weather and the hair in their eyes, I just intended to get it cut like I did last time. Shorter, but not a "little boy" haircut. I love their curls, and so does Husband.

Yesterday we set off to get haircuts. H has been asking for quite a while to get one, so Husband figured out when we were going to do it, and we did. H was excited. He wanted a haircut. After watching, G was excited, ran to the lady, let her pick him up and put him in the booster seat, and then sat still the entire time. He was awesome. J was apprehensive. He didn't want to sit on the booster seat, and he didn't want to get his hair cut. He was willing to do it, as long as he was sitting on my lap. An hour later, all the boys (Husband included) had their haircuts. The twins ended up with shorter cuts than I originally intended. They are cute, super cute, steal-my-heart cute, but I miss the curls. It's bittersweet looking at them like this. They look older. It was enough that even Husband said he missed the curls. I keep reminding myself that with the heat this will feel much better, and the curls will return eventually. Besides, this will be easier to wash and the boys will love that!
H prior
G and J prior
H's new haircut
G's new haircut
J's new haircut