Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DD Day 20

Shopping and Baking

Yay for my husband's day off! We got the shopping we needed done. I've got all our gifts and we are ready to start the baking madness (chex mix, granola, cookies, more cookies...). The boys did well during our outing. There was only one or two items at several of the stops so we traded off who got out and who stayed in the car with the kids. When we stopped at Best Buy there was a police truck. I asked H if he wanted to say hi to the police men when Daddy got back and he said, "No, they'll put me in jail." I explain they only put bad people in jail, not little boys, and he was ready to go talk to them; he even got to sit in their truck. I'm glad to know he's learning that police are good and he shouldn't be afraid of them. 

After we got home my husband and I started making the chex mix and granola. It was a very productive morning. During part of the baking process the twins sat in their high chairs and snacked and played with toys while H painted a picture from his raffle prize from the Christmas party. That afternoon was spent napping and the evening was spent hanging out with a good friend. It was a great day!

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