Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random tidbits

A few random bits from the last week or so:

1. I went for a walk with the kids (H, G, J, and S) at the beginning of last week. It was so nice to get out and walk. I miss that. I love to get out with the kids and I love to see people's reactions to there being four of them. One man commented as I passed him (interesting because he wasn't the type of person I would have looked at and expected a comment from) and told me I was a star. That felt nice. There's usually a 50/50 split on reactions being kind or disapproving.

2. Sick still prevails in this house, though I'm pretty sure it isn't a cold anymore. I think the boys all follow in their Mama's footsteps and have asthma. Time to get appointments and have them checked out (not now because they seem to be doing better and there's no wheezing, but the next time this happens no waiting).

3. I did lots of laundry over the last couple days (wash, dry, fold, and put away). That feels good.

4. The boys are growing so quickly. The twins are speaking a lot more. We even get simple sentences sometimes. It makes me smile. G is better about enunciating his words than J, but they're both trying. H has his 4-year-old attitude in full swing, but it makes the sweet times with him that much sweeter. I'm still working on how to work with him without yelling (I hate yelling) but sometimes it still comes out. H is also no longer doing nap time which make life interesting and those times when he does fall asleep that much more wonderful.

G and J

5. I read this blog post yesterday (a friend posted the link on facebook) and it made me feel so much better. I look at my boys and know that I should be cherishing every moment. I know that time is fleeting and one day I'll miss them being this small, but there are things I won't miss. I love that there are people who also believe that it's okay to be honest and say sometimes they countdown the hours until bed time. I try not to do this, but there are days, especially when it's just me and them and we've been together all day and I haven't had a break.

6. Last, but never least, I love my husband. He's wonderful in every way (except for the ones that he's not) and imperfect and I love him and he loves me, and that just makes me smile a big, huge, ear to ear smile. That's enough to give me a good day any day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blog your heart

Today is New Year's Day, and I'm tired. I'm tired and need rest. I'm tired of sick, in both me and my boys. The twins don't feel well and aren't sleeping (which means I'm not sleeping) and I'm on the mend, hopefully. I'm just done with being sick. I know it's nobody's fault, but I want it to go away. 

I am upset with myself in terms of cleaning. It's never been one of my strongest suits, I'm good with other's places and spaces but not my own, but I'm irritated that I haven't done better. I want to do better. I want to keep up with the dishes and the laundry and have a house that is ready for people to come over whenever. I want to have a space where we can be with friends without stress and effort prior to the event. I want our home to be inviting (not spotless, just not thrashed).

I'm struggling with my H. He's four. He wants to be independent. He want attention. He want to do what he wants to do (a direct quote). I want to guide him and teach him to be kind. I don't mind the boy, loud, crazy, stick-wielding life. But, I do want him to listen and do what he's told. I want him to know that I'm not just being mean, but I want good things for him. It's a lot for a four-year-old to get. I know that. Still, I'm struggling. He's a strong-willed boy, and I'm a stubborn mom. Being sick and tired doesn't help, and I'm trying to keep that in mind, but sometimes I loose it and I hate that. I don't like him to think I'm always mad or frustrated. I want to encourage him more. 

A quick note

Things have been crazy here for the last several weeks. A few weeks ago I went to my grandma's house to help her and my dad out while my mom was out of town. When my mom returned it was a couple of days before Husband arrived and we had an early Christmas with my family (Husband had to work that day). We then headed back here and had Christmas with his family (though he was at work for part of that time). Sunday night I began to feel sick and Monday morning his parents left (his mom had surgery scheduled on Tuesday). We had a day or two to sit back and relax, then Wednesday we went to the San Diego Zoo and Thursday we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific and Friday I'm not sure what happened but it wasn't all the cleaning that I thought would get done. Here it is, New Year's Day and tomorrow I get little S back. I'm mostly well, the twins are sick, and H is in desperate need of attention. How is it possible that this little break offered times of rest, but looking back it was also crazy busy? I don't know, but it was enjoyable and the only thing I need now is a clean house.

J and G sharing the car

A happy H

Decorating the tree

Playdoh was my sanity saver


Granny Great even joined in the fun

Leaf fun on our walk

G and J wanted to get out of the stroller

J, G, and H on "Christmas" morning

With their new skateboards

Christmas at home

At the zoo

At the aquarium

J, H, and G - they loved it!