Monday, December 27, 2010

DD Day 25

Christmas is here!

Christmas is here and it is just as I remember growing up...sort of. We woke up, made breakfast, got dressed, and then (unlike the past) the kids got to open one gift. We were waiting for my husband to get here so he could see the kids open their gifts and stockings. H has been asking to open a present every day for the last two weeks. Some days he's been able to and others he hasn't. I don't think he would have been able to wait until Daddy got here without opening one. As it was, after opening one he wanted to open more.

By the time Daddy was here, we read Luke 2, prayed, and the kids were done opening gifts, it was nap time. The morning may have been a little different, but it was a good day. H was SUPER excited about his new skates and the twins seem to like these building things called jumbles that my mom got them.

Later we went to my in-laws and had Christmas with them. The kids were excited to open more presents. H LOVES his new tool set. He had a blast playing with all of them. The twins also like his new tools, and when we set up their sit-n-spin I'm sure they'll have a blast with that too.

I think my favorite part was watching them enjoy everything. Each gift was exciting for H, even if it was a shirt or socks. The twins had a blast playing with boxes and paper and toys. There was so much going on and they tried to keep up with all of it. It was a wonderful day filled with family and joy.

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