Sunday, December 12, 2010

DD Day 12

Two Stories

Today it is hard to tell just one story, so we have two. As is usual, we went to church this morning. H made a graham cracker stable. He was so excited about it, not just because he made it, but because he REALLY wanted to eat it. After lunch, he did!

Graham cracker stable
Proud maker
He ate all the gum drops
And then was nap time

Tonight the twins played with spoons. I haven't worked with them like I had with H (it's a little busier with three than one). I put some oatmeal on the spoons and it was fun to watch them play. I showed both of the boys how to put it in their mouths, and they did that several times, but it wasn't because of the food. Most times they wiped the food off the spoon and then put the spoon in their mouths. Yay for exploring and learning, even when it doesn't look like we expect.



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