Sunday, November 18, 2012

From worse to better

Not the best morning. A tired and sore mama isn't usually the best mama. I'm glad to say we're doing better. The back door is open and outside play has commenced. Between working on laundry, pushing children on swings, trying to convince H that a bouncy ball and a basket make for a great game (which worked but didn't last long), and finding a feather things are looking up. W has a snotty nose and I'm hoping it's nothing but a snotty nose due to weather. Regardless, he's a good baby and we're having a much better time now. I plan on sprinkling bits of creativity time (we've had some drawing/coloring time) in there as well. The goal is to play the energy out, take a nap, and then do it all over again. I'm thankful we have some blue skies so I can keep that goal without going down to McDonald's. Then again, I'm thankful there is a McDonald's close enough that we can enjoy the play place if we need to.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy, tired, thankful, and maybe a little over the top

I adore my children. They are wonderful and amazing. Here is only a small list of why each one is awesome.

- he's learning Spanish (and he's bringing it home which I love)
- he's trying to sound out words and read them
- he loves his brothers and can be very sweet with them
- sometimes he picks his outfits based on how they match his underwear
 - he wants every child in the world to have jello, and he's willingly to be the person who makes it and gives it to them

- he loves each of his brothers and he shows it in different ways
- he has a smile that makes me melt
- he loves books
- he still likes to be held
- he wants to be more independent (getting dressed and putting on his own seatbelt)
- he colors inside the lines (and has for a while now)

- he always wants to know where his brothers are and will ask
- he's a klutz and doesn't let that stop him from doing things I think he shouldn't do, like climb
- he doesn't often smile for pictures, so most pictures of him with big smiles are pictures of real smiles
- he doesn't care about coloring in the lines
- he knows the color black
- he loves and looks adorable in them

- he's two months old (9.5 weeks to be exact)
- he puts himself to sleep
- he doesn't use formula 99% of the time
- he's beautiful (and sometimes reminds me of a cabbage patch doll)
- he doesn't talk back, get into things he shouldn't, etc (I know the day is.coming but I'm treasuring that it isn't right now)
- he's a cuddler

 So, that's just part of why my boys are awesome. I never pictured myself a mother of four boys age 5 and under, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I can't say I've felt this amorous about it all day. They have exasperated and worn me out, but that's what they do. I still love them, and sleeping boys are so peaceful and perfect looking it makes it easy to forget the bad and remember the good.