Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random tidbits of life

So much going on lately (and yet it feels like we don't do much at all). Here are some highlights of our last 2-3 weeks.

1. W is growing. At his 5 week check up he was 9 lbs 5 oz and 23 in long. And, as I'm am super excited about this fact, that is without having to use formula on a consistent basis.

2. H is getting an award at school tomorrow. I'm not sure what it's for, but I'll find out. I think it may have to do with passing his second sight-word list early, but I don't know.

3. We met with H's teacher for a conference on Monday. She is extremely happy with his progress over the last two weeks. That might sound funny to say, but he has improved since the beginning of the year, and even more so over the last two weeks. He went from knowing how to count to 5 in Spanish (and that was it) to knowing some of the letters and their sounds and being able to count to 10. He's understanding directions better, writing neater, and completing more classwork. He's also bringing words home. He always calls his backpack a mochila, says salud when we sneeze, and throws out other words as it suits him. Probably the most exciting things is hearing him try to sound words out. I am one super proud mama.

3b. H's teacher also shared that there was a student in class who was having a hard time making friends and who had been absent for several days. When he returned H walked up to him and told him he was glad he was back and that he had been missed. She said the little boy's face lit up as H turned around and went back to his seat. It makes me even more proud that, despite his very five-yr-old-boy attitude sometimes other people see his kind heart. Being at home with him and his brothers (and not getting very much sleep) I sometimes forget how much he cares about other people. This story made me more proud than any work he could ever do in school.

4. H wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. He used to want to be a policeman, but now he's changed his mind.
When I grow up I want to be a firefighter.
5. The twins are talking more and making sense. They often repeat the last word or two that you say when answering them or giving them directions. They talk to us, they talk to each other, and they talk to those with whom they feel comfortable.
J and G
6. The twins are potty trained. I only have one child who's diaper I change, and he's six weeks old. I can handle that.

7. D returned to work. It's sad (turns out it was really nice to have both of us home all the time), but he's happy to work and I'm happy he has a job.

8. I'm getting things done, maybe not all I want to, but things are getting done. I may not have it all down, but I feel like I can handle this thing called parenting four children 5 and under and still kind of run a house. I made a healthy dinner last night, and plan to again tonight. May not seem like much, but I'm sure Husband is glad we aren't eating cereal, nuggets, or leftovers and I know he's glad we aren't spending money on going out to eat.

9. Husband found some lizards while doing yard work yesterday. The twins enjoyed looking at them and then were quite happy to let them go. I'm glad they have a chance to see lizards and a dad who is glad to catch the lizards for them.

10. We went to a Bug and Reptile day at a local nature reserve. All of my boys touched or held a snake (I guess that makes me happy, though I had nightmares that H picked up a venomous snake that night) and were so excited to see the wildlife (in cages) and run around.
11. places they should and shouldn't (and yes, I tell them to get down frequently).
Following H's lead
Checking out the neighbor's party
Talking to the neighbors
12.Almost forgot, Husband is going to get his eyes "blazed" as H says. He has lazer eye surgery in less than a eek and he is very excited about that.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Things I love a lot right now

There are tons of things I love a lot right now, especially in relation to my boys, so I thought I'd "jot" them down.

1. I love that all my boys call Dumbo Jumbo (the name his mama gave him).
2. I love that my boys love "Jumbo" and don't feel sad watching it.
3. I love how J adores W and wants to hold him and comfort him all the time (now to work on a better solution for not crying than putting his hand over W's mouth).
J and W

4. I love that H is doing well in school and starting to better understand and learn Spanish.
H brought these too me and told me that one was pequeño
and one was grande.
5. I love our friends - we have amazing ones.
6. I love the drawings that H does - they are so funny and creative. This is especially true on his homework - those are the best!
A shark that ate a bathtub (rotate left)
H dreaming of a paintbrush (rotate left)
7. I love my husband and how he takes care of us and that he was super excited to be a daddy again.

8. I love that I was able to drop H off at school this morning with three other kids in tow. I can do this!
9. I love my sister and how frequently we talk (not as often since W's been born, but still).
10. I love that my brother and I have a good relationship even though we don't talk very often. Maybe I should work on that...
11. I love that I have four boys.
12. I love this face.

13. And this face.

14. I love that I'm able to stay home. I have no idea how long it will last, but I'll take it for as long as I can.
15. I love nap time! I especially love it when it takes place wherever they drop.
16. I love that the twins are content with water cups when we go through a Starbucks drive-thru.
17. I love how the twins, especially G, want homework because H has homework.
H doing his homework
G and J doing theirs - I draw things in highlighter for them to
trace, color, or whatever they desier
18. I love hearing my boys tell Husband, "Read, Daddy" and "Sing, Daddy."
19. I love hearing H retell stories he heard at school - his current retelling is The Three Billy Goats Gruff.