Monday, December 27, 2010

DD Day 24

Family Time

I love family time. It can be a little taxing sometimes, but I still love it. We spent the day with my dad and grandma, and later with my sister and her family, and then the twins and I went and visited with my husband's parents (he's coming tomorrow). H wanted to stay with his cousins, and since we don't see each other that often I didn't see a problem with it.

We also went to the candlelight service at my dad's church tonight. It is one of my FAVORITE services of the entire year. The music and scripture reading are great, but I LOVE when we turn off the lights and watch the candlelight spread around the room. It's is BEAUTIFUL!

Tomorrow is Christmas. The children are excited (and so am I). I can hardly wait for my husband to get here tomorrow morning so I can give him the gift I made.

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