Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 weeks

Little W made his appearance two weeks ago. I can hardly believe it has been this long. His brothers adore him and love to hold him. They want to be around him and kissing him all the time. We're working on gentle touches and how to love on babies so that they don't scare him.

He's such a mellow little guy. He likes to eat and sleep, but rarely cries. When he's awake he'll lay in bed (or the floor, or our arms, or "sit" in his fully reclined high chair) and watch all that's going on around him. He tolerates all the noise and crazy of our house so well. Even when he jumps, he doesn't usually fuss. We're settling into a routine, and trying our best to work it around an existing one. Of course, some things can't be rushed and I'm glad we had time with my mom and have time with Husband home to get things fine tuned before we are left on our own, just Mama and four boys, to figure things out.

He prefers to sleep on his tummy, though he doesn't mind his side and sometimes tolerates his back. Even knowing he sleeps longer this way and could possibly give me an even better night's sleep (he does at least one 4 hour stint), I still can't bring myself to let him outside of nap time. Probably because nap time takes place in a cradle in the living room right were I can see him. I don't know how long stopping him from sleeping on his belly will last. He's managed to wiggle his way to his tummy from his side several times now.

Husband did note that he doesn't smile too much (except for in his sleep). He does appear to be more pensive than all the others. I'll attribute that to coming into a chaotic world instead of the more calm and serene of no children or one child the other's had. Regardless, he's sweet and precious and perfect and I am so glad he's here and loved by all, completely accepted into our family by all those around him.

Friday, September 21, 2012

#4 has arrived, and he has a name

Well, #4 made his appearance a little early (about 2 weeks), but given his size I'm glad he did. We went in on Sept. 11 with some contractions (6 min. apart), pain, and a worried mama. I expected to be sent home. Our doctor decided to do the c-section rather than get called in a midnight (something we may have done to him almost three years ago). So, #4 was here earlier than planned. He arrived at 6:17pm, weighted 8 lbs. 3 oz. and was 21 in. long. He is my biggest baby, and I was quite surprised as they called out the weight and length. Still, when you add an extra 3 inches, the extra pound doesn't seem that huge. He is the spitting image of his oldest brother, H, and everyone is excited he's here. He eats well (not a surprise considering) and sleeps through the boys playing and noise extremely well. Already he's been kind enough to give me a few nights that have included a 4 hour stint in them. If he keeps this up, I might actually get a full night's sleep before he turns a year, what a dream that would be.

Wyatt Isaiah
Mama and baby - Look at those thighs,
he's our first with chubby thighs
Cheeks again
All curled up - his favorite thing to be (besides held)
Family reading time (W is in the lower right)
Sweet boy

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mickey Mouse

Many months ago H told his preschool teacher that he was having a baby brother. She happened to have season pass to Disneyland, a place he likes to pretend we go to all the time, and one day he told her we were going there just like she was. He proceeded to tell her that we were going to buy some Mickey ears for his baby brother (nevermind that the twins don't have any and we haven't been there for over two years) and he was going to come home looking like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck (not sure where that came from either). H's imagination cracks me up sometimes. Still, from that conversation between a 4-yr-old and his preschool teacher came an idea that I have wanted to work out for a while now. I've seen all sorts of cute Mickey outfits for newborns on Pinterest. Most of them are crocheted or knitted and most of them cost money.
Click picture to go to an etsy shop for someone with
some amazing talent
Click picture to go to an etsy shop for someone with
some amazing talent
I'm cheap, and I was sure I could find a pattern where I could quickly sew something together. Yeah, right. With nothing coming up through Pinterest or Google, I started gathering ideas in my head to do it myself from my own head. This is where things always get tricky. I think my mom, Husband, and sister-friend all get a little scared when I say I'm going to do things from my own head. My ideas don't always work, and I usually make them more complicated that they need to be, but it's always an adventure for everyone involved.

I decided I would make a hat, onesie, and booties. A friend of mine tried to help out and buy some yellow booties for us. They're cute, and I'm sure I'll use them, but I still want to make my own (I already have the perfect color material).

I got out a hat from when the twins were born. I know this hat will fit and stay on. It will be the pattern for my hat (of course, I'll be adding ears - no name on the back...maybe I can ask Husband's mom to do this at a later date). The onesie is a little trickier. I can use an existing one to make a pattern or use a freebie pattern from online (none of these are newborn size though and I tend to have small babies). I was originally going to make it black with a red bottom. Now that seems like an awful lot of effort and I'm thinking about doing a onesie and red shorts instead. Don't ask why I don't buy a pack of white onesies and die one black. I have thought about this. With about 2 weeks to go, it may be what happens, but part of me found it easier to sew one instead (see why ideas from my own head can be a lot of effort and a little scary). At this point I think a diaper cover/shorts is the way I'm going to go. Then there are the booties. They'll be cute. I think they should be easy. I have some patterns in my pattern box, so I won't be going totally out of my head on this one. Still, they should only take three pattern pieces and I have a feeling they'll be the easiest part of the entire endeavor.

My sister-friend is coming over today to help me prep our bedroom and get the bassinet all set up. After that, depending on how much time is left before a birthday party Husband and I have at 6:30, I may attempt to get started. It really is a now or never type of project. The hat is my biggest focus. If all we come home with that is "special," it has to be the hat. I don't know if H remembers saying that, or if he even still has that idea in his head, but I don't think anything will make him more excited (except maybe a Batman mask because he has decided that is what we will name the new little one - one crazy mommy idea at a time).