Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Turning 5 and Entering Kindergarten

The day has arrived. My first born, H, turned 5 (well, tonight at 8:00pm) and started kindergarten. What a big day. From the little I could gather, he had a good time. I know he attempted to write his name, but he said he couldn't finish because he missed me and his daddy. Sweet boy! I know they colored and used shapes to build a house. He ate his fruit snacks and drank his juice and had some of his apple (no idea how much) but dropped it and threw it away because it was dirty. His sandwich is untouched, in his bag, to save for later. He said he made friends, but they did not tell him their names, and I'm not sure if he told them his. At the end of the day he passed out some goodie bags instead of cupcakes (as a teacher I didn't prefer the mess and disruption caused by cupcakes...especially on the first day of school). He seemed to enjoy his time and he hasn't said he doesn't want to go back, so I count today as a win.

We were able to drop off without tears (on all accounts) and pick up without tears. There were balloons on the gate for the first day of school, he thought they were there because today is his birthday. As we drove away, Husband noticed there was still one child on the playground and everyone else was lined up. Yep, it was H. The teacher walked over and we watched him hold her hand and chat with her as they walked to the line. Picking him up, Husband looked for the blond hair child and couldn't find him. He had on a birthday crown. When they got to the car (the twins were sleeping) he gave me a kiss and a big hug. He's growing up, and while I still wish I could be there and watch him play and interact and learn, I'm learning to let go...just a smidge, and let him show me how awesome he is.

Praying before walking to the gate
Crossing the street with Daddy (and J)
Waiting...and playing with his nose?
Welcome sign
Excited for the gates to open
Done with day one and a birthday crown
Today his 5 and a kindergartner!

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