Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday party

Birthday boy

Sunday we had H's birthday party. Since he starts school on his birthday, I wanted to celebrate early because I wanted to do it before school started. It took a lot of preparation, and Husband and I lost some sleep because of it, but it was fun. There are so many people who helped out (thanks if you're reading this) and I could not have done it without any of them. Husband cooked the burgers and hot dogs, my mother-in-law made macaroni salad, my sister-in-law helped cut some fruit for the fruit salad (and made sure I put the fruit in the bowl and not the seeds or apple cores), a good friend helped up keep the picnic tables at the park while we made trips back and forth (as well as decorating the tables and organizing where food went), and the list goes on. It was a long, amazing day, and I am so glad birthday parties only come twice a year (at least for now). Still, H enjoyed himself, and everyone else seemed to do the same. Yay for a park where the kids can play, the adults can talk, there's plenty of room for everyone, and the clean-up is limited to the area where you sit instead of your whole house.

I didn't take pictures the whole time like I should have, but when we started cake I started snapping some photos. Here are a few.

Blowing out the candles
Chocolate smile
He was so good about letting other kids help
Awesome excited gift face
All the kiddos hanging out and watching/playing
J and S - this was at the party. They don't see each other
every day anymore. Aren't they cute!?!

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