Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Colored Rice

I found the idea of colored rice on pinterest (I'm loving this site). There were several links, but I liked this one because it used smaller portions ( Super easy and simple. I picked up two 16 qt buckets at Target to put the rice in (and some measuring spoons at the Dollar Tree). They all had so much fun. H has asked constantly to play with it! I think I know what we'll be doing tomorrow!

1st batch
2nd batch
H playing - this was before we went and bought the tubs
He was telling me we needed one more scoop before picking up the funnel

Pretty colors
J and G playing (the 2 batches were put in separate tubs for ease of  play)
J and G
J and G - the sand toy was $2.50 at Target
Each scooping some up
They like to turn the cups on the sand toy by hand
A sheet underneath is a must!
Close up of the colors


  1. Great idea. My kids have been playing with plain old white rice for years - they'll be so excited to see something new!

  2. Lovin this idea! My kids have one of those water tables that would be fun to use rice in place of the water. Found you through Stitch Steals :)