Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Shirts

So, I found this freezer paper stencil idea ( through Pinterest and wanted to try it. I got some shirts for all the boys at the $1 store (for a dollar who cares if I mess up). Today was the day to experiment. Cutting the stencil was "easy." It wasn't difficult, but it was time consuming. Still, I felt like I did a great job, even the painting part was easy. As you look at the pictures you'll see that I am not amazing though. All of them turned out okay except for the last one. Some runny paint (and an impatient me) caused some issues, but still... I can't wait to take pictures of the boys wearing them tomorrow.

Both onesies look like this
In silver - when I peeled off the largest piece all around I kind of wished I could leave the little pieces that were the platypus body
In silver
Next twin shirt
In white
H's first - a whale
This was by far the best I think
The jellyfish
*sad face* - I might have to retry this again some other time

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