Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Leg Warmers

I was talking to a friend about her daughter's baby leg warmers about a week ago. She told me that she loved them, but at their high prices, she had started making her own. After telling me how to make them, you know I got it in my mind that I could do it too. I looked online and found some easy instructions (the exact ones she had given me) with pictures. Yesterday I had to return something at Target and I found some great socks to use on sale for $1.75. I picked up six pairs (ambitious, I know, but it sounded easy!).

This morning I decided to try, and here is the first attempt, a set for each of my twin boys.

G and J
I loved how they turned out, and how truly simple they were to do. I decided to pull out a couple more pairs that I had bought (way to girly for my boys) and make a couple pairs for little S. Her chubby little legs would look great in these, and I'm sure her mommy will love having something on them when she's learning to crawl; which will be soon.

I started with these socks
Cut off the heels and toes
And the finished product (the little piece became the cuff at the  bottom)
Looking at these makes me smile. I was able to make something cute in about 15 min. and save a ton of money. The cheap little warmers are about $4 a pair, this was about half that, and they fit a lot longer. H is telling me he wants some, and so we are going to have to go pick out another pair of socks for him that will work. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited at that thought. I love making these.

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