Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourth

I've been meaning to blog lately, but that just hasn't happened. 

Our Fourth of July was spent at home as a family. Husband had to work that evening, so it was very low key. I had several fun things for the boys to do/play with, but I was also behind on taking pictures. H got to paint using a box, globs of paint, and balls. The result is supposed to be kind of like a firework, but he mainly when up and down with the balls so it's more like stripes. 

H helped put the paint on this picture :)

I made pinwheels for the boys - they were huge and and would not fit on the straws I had so that prompted a trip to the Dollar Tree to find something suitable. We ended up using back scratchers. I also picked up some buckets for future trips to the beach and as soon as we got home the boys were in the backyard digging. 




After Husband left we had a simple dinner of fruit, yogurt, and cottage cheese. The boys played with balloons that had some rice in them and ribbon tails (they're weighted when you throw them and are supposed to be kind of like rockets). 

Hours of fun for cheap. 

I thought about doing fireworks, but 3 on 1 aren't good odds and I knew the twins would be super tired if I let them stay up that late. They went to bed and H and I caught a few glimpses of large fireworks through a neighbors tree (big show far away, no fire danger to us). It was fun, and while I would have enjoyed the fellowship with others, I'm glad it was a low key family thing. 

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