Friday, June 3, 2011

Picture Frame

So I was going through old picture when I realized I hadn't posted this project like I meant to. A little while ago I was at the Goodwill with my sister-friend looking for picture frames. She found an oval framed mirror that she liked the shape of, but the frame was awful (wish I had taken a picture). I convinced her to get it and that we could fix it up (which of course means I would fix it up for her). After a few weeks of sitting at my house and some irritating moments for my husband, I got on task.

I pulled the lace off and removed the glue they used. Then I got to work making a framed mirror my sister-friend would want to hang in her home.

After a couple coats of Metallic Champagne paint - the frame was peach and the paint just softened the look, it didn't cover it up.
Done decoupaging 
Ready to be sealed
One of my favorite pictures on the frame
Another closeup
All done
J modeling the fun of mirrors

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