Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is safe to say today did not go as planned. We were supposed to go to the San Diego Safari Park with some friends this morning. Billy Blazes from Rescue Heroes was going to be there and H was excited to get to meet him. We didn't make it. On the way there we got into a car accident. It was raining, a dog bolted into the road, and things didn't work like they should have. Still, despite the unfortunate events, we are all okay. My boys and I are fine. There appeared to be minimal damage to the other car and the other people involved seemed ok. Husband was home to come and help, and our friends were able to help too. We got the carseats loaded up, the kids loaded up, the car towed, the insurance called, and we went home. We still had a good lunch. Our friends took H for the afternoon. The twins and I napped. Now, the boys and I are done with dinner and watching The Lion King. We are EXTREMELY blessed. I am thankful that, while today didn't go as planned, we are all healthy and alive. I am thankful that something as terrible as a car accident resulted in no injuries (including the dog). We have lots to do and figure out. We will have to buy a new car or pay to fix the current one, but none of that is important. I am blessed and I am glad to be home with my boys!

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  1. <3 so glad you all are ok. and so blessed to see you're still staying faithful in the midst of a storm.