Monday, July 18, 2011

Two Babies

From the time we had the twins, this was our constant saying, "two babies." After they were born, it became our explanation/comment/etc. for everything. When Husband would leave he'd ask what to do with the baby he was holding, I'd look down at the one in my arms and say, "oh, two babies." When we got too little sleep (well, when I did anyway), the reason - two babies. When H would be asked how many babies he had, "two babies." Now, I look at my two babies, and they are so big. They were such tiny little babies (normal sized for their age, but still tiny) and here we are 19 months later with two toddlers who walk, climb, run, play, bite, eat more than their big brother, and soak everything up around them. With the exception of talk, there is little they don't do. They both love their big brother and they love to play with him and each other (as long as no one is taking toys from one another they're usually happy). Today I was helping Husband get something out of the garage. As I walked back to the back door they were both standing at it waiting for me to come in and all I could think was two babies (and wish I had my camera in my pocket). I am so happy to have these two babies. These boys (along with their big brother) make my life so much more everything (happy, complicated, busy...). I cannot imagine life without them.

G and J in hospital - 5 lb. 13 oz. and 6 lb. 3 oz.
April 2010

Sept. 2010
Jan. 2011
April 2011
July 2011

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