Friday, July 8, 2011


I said I was behind, and it's true.

Last Friday we had a rehearsal dinner to go to. Most of my clothes don't fit right (too small/too big). Losing weight after babies is never easy (I know that's a cop-out when the babies are 19 mo.) but when you lose just a few pounds it means your an odd size and clothes don't fit right. Anyway, moving on. I decided to try and make a shirt for me to wear that would be cute and stylish, but also fit. I found a tutorial through pinterest  from Cut Out and Keep and bought a shirt at the goodwill to give it a try. As is always true, I changed things a bit, but followed most of these directions. When I completed the collar I thought this would be the cutest shirt ever.

Sadly, it doesn't fit me right (story of my life). I've thought about trying to add darts to help, but alas, I don't feel like it. The moment has passed. I am now going to put it on a smaller friend of mine and alter it to fit her. She works in an office and will now have a cute shirt (we hope) to wear someday soon. Still, I feel proud of having done it and followed the directions (sort of). Perhaps another day I'll try again and it will work.

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