Monday, August 1, 2011

A Different Type of Crafty

Most of my paper crafts are clean and simple - lines, symmetry, etc. A lot of the time I find myself looking for ways to add to the page because I put so little on and I want more dimension or texture. I still had some of those problems with this next project, but it's not my normal thing. I found a great e-card. As soon as I read the words, I knew I had a teacher friend who needed this card. I printed out the picture and was planning on a very simple card (picture glued to card front...done). That isn't what happened. I ended up using a larger print-out than originally planned. Then, for whatever reason, I matted it on a bright teal/blue paper. Then, I added hot pink paint. The list of thens goes on and on. I think I like the end result. I cannot explain everything on the card; I just did, I tried not to over think it or have a reason. Hopefully, if I can convince myself to still give her the card, she will like it. The plan (if I stick to it) is to write a little note about the beginning of school and give it to her in 3 weeks. No promises on that one, it might just become a just because card.

Click for a larger picture
Thanks for stopping by and looking.

***I feel the need to say that I've read all the books and seen the movies. If you don't like them, I can understand why and if you do, I get that too.

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