Saturday, May 28, 2011

The 5k

This morning we walked a 5k at the local community college. When I say we, I mean: me, H, G, J, our friend K, and her son JJ. It was an interesting morning, but worth every second. Let me tell you, 4 children 3 and under make things interesting!!! We had a lot of fun. We were the last ones in, but everyone who was working was so sweet to make sure we knew where to go. The best part was finishing. As we walked into the football stadium (this makes it sound HUGE, but it wasn't), the staff cheered and gave H and JJ high fives. As we were leaving, JJ told K he wanted to do it again.

It felt SO good to finish, and I agree with JJ - I want to do this again.

The tricycle H and JJ took turns with.
G and J - they did so well in their strollers.
JJ walking
The "team" for this 5k.
Wrestling fun after we were done because there's always more energy with boys.
G and J getting in on the wrestling action.

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  1. Congratulations on the 5K! It's always so rewarding to see a goal through to the "finish"! Good for you! :)