Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My boys

1. H - He is making so many connections and expresses them in some of the funniest ways. On our Monday walk he looked at me and asked, "Mama, why is S brown?" S is a little girl we watch and she is half black; my children practically glow in the dark. I never even considered that he would notice, but few things escape him. His daddy explained that all people come in different colors. That was all he needed. As my husband I discussed it later my husband said, "Kids notice, but they don't care." So true. If only more of us could be like that.
Tonight we got home around 7:45p from the store. I turned on Wheel of Fortune (waiting for the Biggest Loser) and he asked if I thought we were watching Jeopardy. I explained this was Wheel of Fortune, the letter show and he responded, "No, it's Jeopardy with Allllllex and Vanna White." So funny.

2. G - He is so much more responsive to questions. He nods yes and shakes his head no. He lets us know what he wants in any way possible. He signs "more" and "please." He LOVES to read. Today I watched him give something back to his brother because J got upset when he took it. He likes to swing, but prefers to do so on his own and not my lap. He's independent but cuddly. Food can perk him up and get a smile out of him most of the time. He loves his family. He's still a biter and we're still working on getting him to stop.

3. J - He LOVES pincher bugs. I kid you not, this boy sees one across the patio and is after it. He has to pick it up and play with it, and he will play with it until the poor thing (normally I don't feel this way about them, but in this instance...I have a heart) dies. And yet, he doesn't understand why the bug quits moving, he just wants to play and explore the world. He would rather speak than sign (although his only words are Mama and WOW). He's recently started doing better about signing "please" and will sign "milk." He likes to show you what he wants by taking you there. He loves to swing on my lap. He's daring but shy. Food can perk him up, unless you tell him to say please, then he gets mad. I watched him be kind to his brother today as G wanted something and he gave it to him. He loves his family and laughs when H chases him around the room. He needs to quit bring the pincher bugs into the house when he catches them.

So excited at his catch
This is how he manages to not get pinched
Exploring - notice the open pinchers - usually he uses his finger to touch them and not a rock

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