Saturday, July 28, 2012


With H starting school in a couple of weeks and our newest addition making his appearance Sept. 17 we don't get our normal vacation this year. That isn't bad, but it is an adjustment. We love our little break from reality to go to Texas and Oklahoma and visit family.

So, when Husband got an extra day off this past week, we packed up and headed out to spend some time with my sister and her family. Each year they spend two weeks at the coast (around San Luis Obispo, CA). It was so nice, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We went to the beach, Husband kayaked and biked, we did some touristy walking around Morro Bay, we rented an electric boat for an hour, we bough salt water taffy and ate ice cream from a little ice cream shop. We also had good family time and slept 9 people (admittedly three of them are small) in a travel trailer. Good times crammed together in a short period of time. We left a day earlier than originally planned so we could swing by and see our parents before the crazy of life changes occurs and travel becomes even more scarce.

A couple days later I'm feeling mostly recuperated (I could still use some more sleep) and it is time to get our house back in order (as much as possible). It wasn't two weeks away, but it was much needed and totally worth every minute.

Campground park
G and J
Our campsite
Avila Beach, CA
G (top) and J (bottom)
H hitching a ride
J and G stealing ice
G and J looking at the seals
Captain Steven
J and H
Morro Bay Aquarium
Nap time (J, G, and H)
Avila Beach Pier
E and H - Spooners Cover at Montana de Oro
Husband coming in
G and J
Volcanoes at Grandma's house (H, J, and G)

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