Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby to Boy

Three more weeks and my first born will be a Kindergartner. The first day of school is also his birthday, and he will be 5. I love this boy so much. He is so many forms of amazing. A few nights ago he asked if there would be flowers in his garden when he went to school (kindergarden). I couldn't help but laugh. He'd made a connection and it is a wonderful one. I tried to explain that not all schools have gardens, and the last school I taught at had a vegetable garden not a flower garden, so we'd just have to wait and see. He's working on counting in Spanish. Right now he can count to five on his own. It sounds a little like this, "uno, dos, grace (like his cousin), cuadno, cinco..." We have our ups and downs. He's brilliant and that leads to some thinking he should be in charge; but he has such an amazing heart, and it truly shows when he sees others hurting. He wants to marry me when he grows up. Husband told him he had to find his own wife, I belong to him, but H was adamant that he would marry me too. Someday I know that won't be what he wants (and I'm glad to know that he will one day see his mom isn't the right person for him to marry), but I treasure that he thinks I'm wonderful enough to marry someday. I treasure that right now he thinks I'm cool and can make him anything that requires sewing. Today he asked me to play with him. It was hot and I didn't really want to, but I convinced him to sit on the carpet (not the tile) and we played for a bit. I was too distracted. Things are beginning to be a bit uncomfortable (not a good sign with 2 months to go), but I need to look past it and play with him. I need to focus on him. Too soon he will be grown up. Too soon he will think I'm not the coolest person on earth. Too soon he won't want me to sit on the floor and play cars or dinosaurs or any other game he can come up with. Too soon he won't think my opinion is the most important opinion. He turns 5 and starts school in three weeks. Time has flown from then until now. That little 7 lb. baby that turned me into a mother now weighs 37 lbs. He went from 18 in. long to 42 in. tall. He doesn't have any baby fat left on his lean little body. He holds my heart, and I know he'll do great things, but I'm still not sure how I'm going to let him walk through that gate in three weeks without walking through it with him. Until then, I'm going to make sure I get all the hugs and kisses and cuddles in that I can. Until then, I'm going to savor each moment that he thinks I'm great or awesome or worth marrying. Until then, I'm going to soak up each moment, good or bad, because these moments don't last.

A week old - It took over a month for this newborn outfit to fit.

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  1. umm, im literally crying at work from this post.. and if H needs spanish help-ask mr ivan. he knows a bit of spanish :) good luck with school, and bring a box of tissues!