Monday, June 18, 2012

Swim Lessons, Teachers, and Family

What a weekend, and what a Monday.

Today H started swim lessons for the first time. He was so very excited. I wish I had snapped a picture as he and Husband walked toward the pool. He had his little backpack on that contained his towel and he was looking back at me smiling and waving. It was perfect. You could see the excitement on his face. Shortly after I dropped them off, Husband called and told me he was in the pool, jumping and dancing around, and had already made a friend. When I picked them up, H told me how he had lots of fun and tried to tell me now he knows how to swim. I have no doubt it will be soon. He practiced floating on his back and swimming with a kick board. He had a few problems following directions and did not like the idea of putting his face in the water (he's never been big on water in his face). I'm hoping that over the next two weeks, he'll continue to love swimming and water and he'll want to learn more. I'm also hoping that we can grow his following directions skills.

I was supposed to get a visit from his teacher and principal today. While that did happen, it happened after we left for swim lessons (we're talking about 10 minutes after we left). I'm sad I wasn't home to greet them, but I'm also glad my mother-in-law was here and was able to answer the door. They left a packet for us and H was so excited at the thought of homework. If I can keep that excitement going for the rest of his school career I'll be happy. We looked through the packet, which contains things like a letter tracing mat and a CD of songs they'll sing in school. It also has color and shape cards with the Spanish words for each (he's going to be going into a dual-immersion program). I think he's most excited about the flashcards, but the packet itself is a prized possession right now. Here's hoping we can get him comfortable enough with some of the Spanish words that he won't feel completely lost on day 1 of school. Here's praying we can comfort and encourage him when he does get frustrated, and help him to move with the program. I really want him to succeed and benefit from this decision.

This past Friday Husband's parents arrived. They spent the weekend with us. It was a nice time. It is nice to have them here for so many reasons, from the kids' excitement about spending time with them to the small reprieve of it not just being me and the boys. My sister-in-law graduated with her Bachelor's degree on Sunday. We were able to go to their house after the ceremony for a BBQ to celebrate her accomplishment. I don't have pictures, we weren't there long because Husband needed a nap after his work shift. Still, it was a good time spent with family.

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