Wednesday, June 13, 2012


When I was pregnant with the twins I told Husband I would need a maid after they were born. That never happened. I wish it had, I'm not a clean freak. I like to have a clean house, and I can clean a house fairly well (especially if it isn't my own and I'm getting paid for it), but it is a lot of effort. I am constantly fighting my nature to neglect the dishes, along with everything else. It is hard!

Right now, for instance, I'm supposed to be cleaning the dishes. I'm tired. I've been up since 4am and I didn't sleep terribly well. I want to cuddle with my boys on the couch and watch cars or Dumbo or Jonah, anything but wash those dishes, clean the counters and stove, sweep and mop the floor. It all needs to be done and I don't care. If only I had a maid to do it all for me, or maybe a self-cleaning kitchen like on that one episode of Tool Time. That would be awesome. For now I guess I'll have to rely on myself to get up after typing this and begin. I'll have to remind myself how happy pretty counters make me and how much I love it when the house smells clean after using Pinesol on the floors. I need to remember that anything worth doing is worth putting forth the effort it requires.

Should I succeed at my mission, I will be taking pictures and editing to add those pictures. I will also be guaranteeing that my boys and I take very good naps, them because they've been up since 5-something and me because I'll be doubly exhausted.

**Edited to add these pictures and to say that I think nesting has kicked in. I am no longer to content to get the dishes done and wipe down the counters and clean the stove. All I could see was dirt everywhere. I started washing down cabinets and scrubbing the sides of the stove. I'm happy to have it so clean, and almost irritated when it gets used (like it did to cook dinner) because then it isn't perfect anymore and I have to start again.

The stove (yes, the window is clean too)
I haven't gotten to the bar behind this counter, but the counter makes me happy!
So much space
A different angle

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  1. Hi there! Looks like you have a darling family! Found you through Moxie Fab World today!