Saturday, June 2, 2012


The twins got their first haircuts in December of 2011. Yes, they were 2 years old, and yes, it was only a trim. They looked cute, and I was glad to have their hair out of their eyes. It wasn't until that haircut that I realized just how crazy and unruly their curly hair must have looked to some people.
J post-haircut
G post-haircut

Well, since December it has just been growing and growing. I've probably been saying they need another trim since April. With the crazy hot weather and the hair in their eyes, I just intended to get it cut like I did last time. Shorter, but not a "little boy" haircut. I love their curls, and so does Husband.

Yesterday we set off to get haircuts. H has been asking for quite a while to get one, so Husband figured out when we were going to do it, and we did. H was excited. He wanted a haircut. After watching, G was excited, ran to the lady, let her pick him up and put him in the booster seat, and then sat still the entire time. He was awesome. J was apprehensive. He didn't want to sit on the booster seat, and he didn't want to get his hair cut. He was willing to do it, as long as he was sitting on my lap. An hour later, all the boys (Husband included) had their haircuts. The twins ended up with shorter cuts than I originally intended. They are cute, super cute, steal-my-heart cute, but I miss the curls. It's bittersweet looking at them like this. They look older. It was enough that even Husband said he missed the curls. I keep reminding myself that with the heat this will feel much better, and the curls will return eventually. Besides, this will be easier to wash and the boys will love that!
H prior
G and J prior
H's new haircut
G's new haircut
J's new haircut

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