Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drum roll please

Our official ultrasound was yesterday. I was hoping to have pictures scanned into the computer by now, but the printer is being fickle.

Anyway, it's official, we are having one baby. Not that I doubted the doctor when we checked (again) last month, but the ultrasound seemed to take a really long time and I was afraid that perhaps the technician found something strange. Now I'm pretty sure it seemed long because I kept closing my eyes, and it's possible I may have nodded off a few times.

Laying with its back up and head turned sideways

On to the news people may be most curious about, are we having a boy or a girl? Well, there were a lot of people praying and hoping for a girl. From the beginning I was certain it would be a boy (given our past record). Then the pregnancy has been much different than the other two, and at the last doctor's visit we couldn't get a clear picture, but it looked like maybe a girl. Yesterday's ultrasound was crystal clear though. The pictures showed we are having a boy. That makes four boys. I think we were both a little surprised, and at the same time not. I'm happy (I would have been regardless). Yes, pink and frills would have been fun, but I understand boys...sort of. H is happy, he told us we were having a boy (I believe his exact words were "no girls"). Earlier today as I thought about H starting school, and then the twins, and then this one all I could hear in my head was people saying, "Oh, those Greenwalt boys." Fun times ahead for sure.

Boy shot
Another boy shot

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