Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have a list of baby names on my phone, and I have since shortly after we knew for sure we were pregnant. They're names we discussed in the past; names we've had since the twins, before we knew they were both boys but we knew there were two. Some of them are names we even talked about after H was born, but before we were ready to embark on the parenthood journey again. I joked with Husband that we'd have to have seven children just so I could use my names (not a good reason to have children, I know).

Last night I deleted that list. I still want to use those names, especially the girl names, but I don't need the list on my phone as a daily reminder to think about which one I might use. We don't have a decided name and that's okay. The list wasn't helping with that. It felt good to delete it, to let go of it. It feels freeing not too see it. It gives me the ability to focus on where we are in life and where we will be in a few short months.

I'm excited to have another boy; I won't say I'm not sad about not having a girl, but I am really excited for this new little life. He is going to have such awesome big brothers that teach him to be fearless and how to get into everything I don't want him to. He's going to be blessed beyond measure when it comes to love. Regardless of his name, and whether or not it comes from some list we wrote down, he's going to be awesome.

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