Friday, February 24, 2012

Lovelies to remember

There are some lovely things I want to remember from the past few days. The boys have done well, considering D has had a strange schedule this week and S came back after a 5 day hiatus. We've had our moments of crying, fits, and breakdowns but it has still been a good week.

 Last night, after Husband went to go play floor hockey with some friends, H came out of his room to use the potty. I asked him for a kiss before he went back to bed and he said, "ok, but this is the last one." It cracks me up when he says stuff like this. Depending on the situation I'm sometimes get irritated, but it shows how much he's picking up from what is around him.

Yesterday, and last week, J was holding S's hand and walking with her. It's cute to see him guide her and hold her hand. He's going to be such an awesome big brother.
After my Tuesday appointment I was showing my sister-in-law the ultrasound picture the doctor gave me. It's so early that you can't really tell what anything is but anytime J sees the picture he says, "baby."

H was rubbing my belly this morning and he told me he was massaging the baby. He talks to the baby, too. If he bumps my belly he will apologize to the baby. He's so aware and I think he's excited to have another little brother (according to him we cannot have a girl, he only wants a boy).
G is a sweet cuddler and wants to sit by me most of the time. He doesn't always have to be on my lap either. He (and J) always say, "love you too" in response to I love you.
G and J
I had a chance to sit with H and watch him play his leapster and help when he asked. It was a game about animals and he amazed me at the things he knew. He also practiced writing his A and a again. He's doing so well.
Husband took G to the doctor for a follow-up on his ear infection. He said that when they got to the office G touched his forehead and said ow. He got a big goose-egg on Tuesday from running into the wall and he knows doctors look at owies.

G eats so well. I spend a lot of meal time telling H and J to focus on their food and to stop playing only to look at G's plate and be amazed at how much he has eaten and that there are few things he won't. It is especially noticeable at dinner time when the day's play time is catching up with them.

I love that the twins will cuddle up with me and fall asleep in my lap during nap time. If we don't get there soon enough, or if they are particularly tired one day, they'll climb up and cuddle and often fall asleep. It is such a sweet feeling, a little bit of baby I get to hold on to with them for a while longer.
I feel like I could ramble on and on. As I type out one great thing another comes to mind. I love that this happens. It's so easy to focus on the negative, especially when I'm tired, but focusing on all of this helps remind me that it isn't all terrible all the time. My boys are as boy as they come. They love dirt and wrestling and J has recently taken up taunting, but they are all healthy and growing and so smart and loving. Despite all the difficulties they can elicit throughout the day, there is so much more I need to remind myself to remember.

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