Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bits of Life

I spent Sat. and Sun. with my family. It was nice, a little break in the hectic of a normal weekend. The kids loved seeing their cousins and aunt and they had fun with their grandparents too. I wish I got up there more often so they could see them growing. When I had H we tried to get up there once a month. Now, I do go to get up there every 3-6 months it seems.

I'm tired, and my stomach is always hungry/nauseous/irritated. The boys are crying and we aren't having the best of days. I think we all need a vacation. I'm trying. I've been trying. It feels like nothing is working right. I still have half a day to make things better, and tomorrow is a new day. I think we all need a nap!

I'm going to a meeting today to see about enrolling H in a dual-immersion kindergarten program. He starts kindergarten next year. Saying it out loud is strange. I can hardly believe he's grown up so quickly. I know he'll do great in school. He loves his one day a week preschool days. He loves being around the other kids, and he's beginning to love the projects too, I think. A new chapter, and already we have to start preparing for it.

We did some work on his writing the other day, tried something new. He like it I think. His capital A's were better than the lower-case, but not bad for a first try. Part of the page was coloring. He knows how, he can be careful, he wanted to use his regular pencil and make them all "brown." No problem. As long as he enjoyed himself. I was happy he focused when we did letters.

Husband is running 20 miles today, training for his marathon in March. Long run days are always the hardest. After my meeting (and his nap with the boys) I hope I can do something to encourage him. He felt great after 5 miles, a little less after 10, and not so hot after 15 (there was a stop at the house after every 5 for water). He's now on his last 5 and I have instructions to come looking for him after a certain time. I know he can do it. I'm so proud of what he's already done.

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