Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Single, Double, Single?

Well, yesterday I had an appointment to find out how many new little ones we would have. As fun as the triplet jokes are, I'm not sure that I'm ready (will ever be ready) for that. Still, we wanted to check and make sure. Everything looked normal in terms of how the pregnancy is progressing and I certainly feel hungry enough that I was almost certain there would be news of more than one little peanut jumping around in there. Instead, the news I got was that the sac is smaller than expected, so my doctor thinks I may be a week off. That would put the due date more around October 1st. Because he's the doctor and is trained in this sort of thing he then told me he only saw one sac and one little (teeny, tiny, invisible to anyone else) baby. Of course, that's what he said about the twins too (not the smaller than expected, but the only one part). I won't say I don't believe him, the odds are in favor of a single, but I guess we'll just have to wait it out to be certain.

Here's a picture of the ultrasound he did in the office. As you can see, it isn't overly helpful. Still, kind of fun.
The arrow is pointing to a small, white dot. That's the baby. 

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