Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday morning again, the beginning of a new week. Husband got home from work and slept all night in the chair (had I known I would have made him get up - his excuse: I fell asleep there). Still, I'm glad he got some sleep. The boys are fed, clean, and dressed for church. I'm getting there.

I'm fairly excited for this week. School starts (not that my children go to school) and that means S is coming back to our house. She's grown so much (eating solids, crawling, standing, cruising, etc.) and I know the boys will have fun with a new playmate in the house.

I'm hoping to get a Home Organization binder set up this week (mostly today) and try and do better with keeping up on household chores, dinner, time for me, etc. I have several crafts I want to finish, but I haven't been managing time well. I also plan on starting to do some homeschool preschool for H starting next week, so I've got to get all those schedule issues worked out this week too. Throw in lunch with two good friends on Wednesday and it is going to be a FULL week. Time to get started.

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