Saturday, August 6, 2011

H's Birthday Party

Today we had H's birthday party (he'll be 4 on Monday). We had a few friends and family over. I'm happy with how it went/turned out. The kids did well. H did well. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

I "made" some shirts for the kids to have as favors. I found shirts at the dollar store and then use freezer paper stenciling to paint a train on them. Those seemed to be a big hit, and some of the children even changed and wore them at the party. I was glad the shirts all seemed to fit and everyone liked them.
A couple smaller shirts 
The big kid shirts
After being washed

The next project was the birthday banner. I decided I wanted to do one (no idea why, thought it would be cute). I used the same train outline (from here) and printed it on colored cardstock. I love how it turned out. H liked it...and then he didn't care. :)

Last was the cake. H saw this cake on pinterest a few months ago and said he wanted it.
Click on picture to be taken to maker

Not too difficult, right? Yeah. Here's mine. Nothing like the original, but it was good enough for H which is all that matters...that and it tasted way better than it looked.

Anyway, the party was fun, the kids (and adults) enjoyed themselves, and we all took long naps when everyone left.

It was all I could do to get him to wait until everyone arrived to open presents.

Outside fun

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