Sunday, April 3, 2011

Germs and Friends

The boys have a virus, croup. I hate having sick babies. They don't feel well, I'm tired, they're tired, and everyone needs a cuddle but as they get bigger it's harder to fit all three on my lap. On top of that, I think I'm getting a sinus infection. Thankfully, we seem to be on the mend and it's spring break so I don't have to worry about an extra little one and trying to keep her from getting it.

One of my best friends, after hearing we were all under the weather, asked if she could make dinner for us. She's an amazing cook and I loved the idea of one less thing to think about so I said yes. She made some AMAZING homemade chicken noodle soup (chunky enough the twins could pick bites out), biscuits, and jello with strawberries. So sweet and absolutely delicious. I think I should hire her...if only.

**Best H saying today: "No thank you, I already got my germs in my milk." He wanted to share with me and I told him no because he's sick and I didn't want his germs. After finishing his milk I asked if he wanted water and that was his reply. Silly boy.

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