Monday, March 28, 2011

A Patient Ladybug

This morning was spent playing with a ladybug. The boys played outside for a while before we found it. It turned out to be SUPER patient. H played with it, watched it crawl, held it, carried it around, etc. and it never flew away. I finally had to make him put it somewhere in the grass so his brothers couldn't find it and so he would leave it alone and it could get a break. Here are some pictures from that fun.

The ladybug is hard to see, but it's between his hands. 

J holding it - H was holding his other hand so he wouldn't try to pinch it
G - by the time the camera took the picture the ladybug was on the inside of his finger and you can't see it. :(

Everyone decided to do their own thing, but H is still playing with the ladybug.
The ladybug is in between his hands on the piece of wood.

J doesn't get that his finger needs to be in front of the ladybug, not the back.

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