Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Somehow it is time for my twins to enter kindergarten. I am excited for them, as they have been waiting for this day for a year now (this past year was full of anticipation for today - the first day of school). I am, also, terrified and overwhelmed and not ready. How on earth do I leave them at school? How do I walk away and come back almost 4 hours later?

I know I've done it before, but H was different. Yes, he is the first born, and there were moments I thought I might shed a tear, but he was in his element. He was ready. School hasn't been easy - he has some real struggles with certain aspects - but he LOVES people and helping and playing with friends. The twins are different, both from H and from each other, and while with H I felt we were doing the right thing I suddenly find myself compelled to homeschool and not to let them go. I won't (at least not yet). We will wake up (way to soon), have breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, finish packing lunches and backpacks, take some pictures and be on our way. They will be together in the same classroom, a rock for one another. They will find their niches and cliques and play with new people while keeping tabs on one another. It may take a week or two but I'm sure they will thrive. Still, I had no idea this first day of school thing would get more difficult. I was sure it would be easier with each child. In a few short hours I guess we'll find out if I was right or wrong. At this moment I'm pretty sure my original thinking was wrong and I'm fairly certain I might be that mom sobbing as she watches her children walk through the doors (perhaps I'll be able to make it to the car).

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