Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kindergarten and 3rd Grade

We did it. We survived the first day of school (and I don't think a single tear was shed - I give W the credit for that as he did a fabulous job of keeping our focus slightly off of everything going on).

G and J had a great first day. They both came running out of the pickup gate telling me they didn't learn Spanish and they didn't get in trouble. It made me smile to see them so excited for their day (and ready to return today). G told me about playing with play doh, playing on the playground, making a new friend, and wanting to learn Spanish. J told me about watching a small bit of Finding Nemo (in Spanish), playing on the playground, only playing with G, and wanting to learn Spanish. It was so fun to video each of them separately and see what stood out most about the day they shared.

H also had a good day and I think is most excited about all the computer games/learning that he will participate in this year. He was much more low key in his talk of the day, but I think he's happy to be back to school.

Now, it's time for me to focus on getting our schedule figured out at home and how best to make our day work for us.

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