Saturday, March 31, 2012

Brother Love

I meant to post this on Monday, then Tuesday, etc. Making sure I get the memory down before a week has passed.

Yesterday we went to lunch after church. This normal for us. What was out of the norm was where the twins sat. The hostess put a highchair at either head of the table. Since we were eating with friends this meant that there were four chairs in between each highchair. There was talk of rearranging and I'm not certain why it didn't happen, but the boys seemed fine with it and we didn't think it would be a big deal to have them separated. Husband sat with G and I sat with J. Lunch proceeded as it normally does. There was good food, way to many fries consumed (Red Robin's bottomless fries), some normal post-food/pre-nap meltdowns, and then J noticed G across the table. He pointed him out to me and I asked if he missed his brother. He said, "uh-huh." As the adults were talking, J leaned over and started waving and saying, "Hi, G" over and over. I got Husband's attention and he had G wave and say hi. That pacified J, somewhat. When it was time to go we got everyone out of the highchairs and seats and made sure each boy had one of our hands. J was being difficult. I thought that he might want Husband's hand, so I let him go. He went to G, held his hand, and then was willing to hold mine. 

So often it seems that G is the one seeking out J. It was interesting to see J missing him and wanting to be with him. I love to watch them interact and see their connection to one another grow and change. This little display of brother love, wanting to hold his hand after being "apart" for an hour and a half or so made me smile.

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