Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life is Random

I had it in mind to do several posts, but they haven't happened yet, so this is a combo of all those little ones.

1. H is hilarious. After we returned from the marathon, we picked him up from our friends' house. He had about 30 minutes with just us before his aunt and uncle arrived with is brothers. During that time he showed us his "inja skills" (ninja skills), which are done with really awesome sound effects. He told us that his other parents (he made them up a while back and sometimes I'm not sure if I should be offended or not) were ninjas and they were teaching him to be a ninja also. This was the only picture I could get of him, and he wouldn't cooperate so I could get a video.

2. Dinner - I made dinner last night. That isn't completely out of the ordinary, but I tried a new recipe. I made Parmesan chicken. It was yummy. I used fresh grated Parmesan instead of Kraft and then pulsed it in the food processor to make it smaller. If I did this again, using the same type of cheese, I'd leave out the salt. Husband thought it was a little too salty. Still, the boys liked it. We also had Cesar salad and bread. It was a good dinner, especially when my boys ate their salad and asked for seconds.
2nd piece of advice, use foil - what was I thinking?
 3. I love my husband. I was exhausted last night (not much different from every night). He put the boys to bed to help me out. We then sat on the couch together. I didn't do much while he worked on his computer. I did snap this picture of him, though he still doesn't know about it. I like it, and I love him!

4. Baby Four (Husband is still holding out for triplets) - Today's appointment went well. Dr. said I'm 13 weeks (hello, second trimester) and everything looks like a typical pregnancy. He had a student on rounds with him today and both were unable to find the baby's heartbeat with the dopler, but he had the sonogram machine and used that instead. As soon as he positioned the wand, there was baby moving around. We could see it move, we could see the heart beat, and it looked so much bigger than I expected. Using his hands he showed me the approximate size, about the size of a small potato. It was so nice to watch it moving around. And since H told me to (as if I wouldn't have anyway), I asked for a picture. He was super excited to see that when I picked him up from preschool.
Head on left, arrow pointing to spine, hands in front of face, and feet on right

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