Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yesterday was a hard day. This past week has been difficult. And yet, I love that there are always reminders of how difficult times don't mean all is lost. Despite all the issues with behavior and whatever else these past few days, I am beyond blessed. My life is full of sunshine, even when a few gray clouds may find their way into my line of sight.

I picked my mom up from the airport. I love her, and after seeing her for a matter of minutes, things seemed suddenly sunshine-ier. I know that when my husband arrives in a few days, things won't be able to get any brighter.

Sunshine Moments:
- While at church today the boys were in their class and I was in mine. I rarely have time away from them and it was nice to not be distracted by them.
- I tried to remember to play with H and focus on the two of us enjoying things together instead of getting on his case for being slow about eating (we had McDonald's for lunch). His smile was worth it!
- The twins were hugging each other and holding hands and playing in their own little world and I soaked up the love that I doubt the will always be so willing to show the world.
- I read a comment on yesterday's post that reminded me everyone has days like yesterday.
- The boys all napped today on the way to pick up my mom. I had an hour (that I would have loved to have spent napping too) to think about all that is/has been going on. It was a blissfully quiet hour where I was able to listen to my music.
- My mom bought the boys playdoh for their birthday which I know will entertain all three of them for at least an hour tomorrow (it's the miracle toy for my busy bunch).

Small things that add up to big smiles. Little rays of sunshine that break through the gray clouds I sometimes focus on. Blessings I sometimes forget about, but love to be reminded of.

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