Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Well, after two days of having my 3 boys and a 2-month-old little girl, I'm surviving. She's and easy baby and, despite some jealousy, the boys are doing really well. I took a really sweet picture of the twins looking at her today. She was in the bouncy seat and they wanted to play with her. J even gave her a ball and tried to get her to take it a few times. This makes me certain they will be good big brothers when the time comes (no time soon).

My biggest frustration right now is a toss up, and neither of them have to do with S (the new baby). I'm frustrated with the house and cleaning, this is something I struggle with anyway. I want a clean house, I'm just not the type of person who focuses on cleaning...I'm more of a focus on the people type of person. I think a lot of that comes with how I was raised. I'm also frustrated with H and how I handle his disobedience. I'm working on it; making sure I'm being consistent and making him listen instead of just jumping straight to a punishment he may or may not care about. It's all a lot of work that, if I do it all, I'm afraid will leave little or no sleep for me. Now, as I type I'm working on laundry. I won't get it all done tonight, but there is so much and it's always waiting to get done. It's like the dishes and sweeping the floor after meal time; no matter how often I do it, I always have to do it again. It never ends!

How do single parents do it? I'm at home constantly and I can't get it all done. I have no idea how these men and women are able to do everything AND work. I've had people comment on me being supermom or something with my 3 boys. It's life, I've adapted, but I can't imagine having to adapt to that. Hats off to all the single parents who work all day outside the home and then come home and continue working. You're AMAZING! Regardless of frustrations, I will count my blessings because they are abundant.

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