Friday, January 28, 2011


It seems I'm always exhausted these days. I know that isn't true, but when I have time to sit and relax it hits me. Today has been a good day. We (the boys and I) ran errands that we can't normally run when I have an extra little one. We went to Target, the farmer's market, the grocery store, and to have lunch with my best friend. The boys did really well. I know they were excited when we let them run around on the grass at the university. H was hamming it up and making eyes at high school girls. He showed off every chance he got. The twins didn't care about other people at all. They were having fun running in different directions and making their aunt and me chase them. It's been a good day, and as nap time approaches (and arrives) I find myself ready to lay down and catch up on some rest. I think this little bit of rest will be enough to get me ready to take care of and enjoy my children more. The boys are wonderful, and a handful, but I love them and look forward to some more outside time later today.

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