Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today was the wedding of two of our good friends. It was beautiful; something I'm honored to have been invited to! It made me remember my wedding day, all the details that I could. It is interesting that I can remember that morning so clearly - reading with my niece, setting up the reception hall, getting my hair done, getting dressed - but the ceremony itself is kind of fuzzy. I remember waiting to go in and walking down the aisle. I remember my dad giving me away and my husband's huge smile. I can still remember the order of the ceremony, but not a word that was said until the end: "You may kiss your bride." The reception is still clear in my head. It's just the ceremony that's fuzzy. I suppose because at that moment and time all that mattered was my husband and me. I was so focused on him that the rest didn't stick. I wonder if that is what it will be like for our two friends.
The view

It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful reception. She looked gorgeous and he looked handsome. May God bless them in their marriage.

They're married! :)

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