Thursday, September 19, 2013

Project Run and Play - Candy Inspired

I finally decided to join in and sew along with Project Run and Play. I had grand plans, and still do, but with a few sickies, 1 year shots, and H's school it is a busy week I only completed one of five shirts I planned on doing.

When I saw the theme was candy inspired, and I viewed all of the designers amazing outfits, I googled candy to see if I could get any ideas. Amidst all of the pictures, I saw some conversation hearts. I can't say their my favorite candy, but it did give me an idea...well, several. My first thought was to make shirts for my boys in the colors of conversation hearts (green, orange, and yellow - Husband probably wouldn't go for pink or purple) with conversation heart sayings painted in red on the front. I decided to use the Peek-a-boo pattern for the play date v-neck tee with short sleeves because the v-neck mimics the dip in the hearts. Of course, JoAnns didn't have the colors I wanted so we are now going with green, blue, and white (x2). Then, while perusing the designs for week one, I thought it would be fun to make a girly shirt (to give away of course) that mimicked the conversation heart box. I happened to have everything I needed to do that, so that was completed first.

For this shirt I used the Oliver + S Popover Sundress, a pink shirt, two red shirt sleeves, and some premade pink bias tape I had on hand. I also used the pink shirt to make a heart pocket and then painted the pocket to resemble the heart on the front of the box.

The inspiration
And now, the results:
The Sweetheart Shirt
pocket detail
Overall, I like it. I like the pocket but it seems to heavy for the shirt. I'm hoping it will loosen up after a wash or two. I'm also hoping the recipient of the shirt likes it. Probably my favorite aspect is how she'll be able to wear it regardless of season because it will still look cute over a short or long-sleeved shirt.

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  1. That is so cute!!! I love the detail of the layered hearts!!!