Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pinterest fail

 I've seen this wonderful idea on Pinterest a lot lately. You use cake batter in a waffle maker and it's a great way to have cake quickly. I tried it. Things didn't go so well. It could have been the type of cake I made (it's a very runny batter, but an amazingly moist cake). Or, it could have been I didn't let it cook long enough (I know, what's 4-5 minutes) but I was afraid it would burn and you should have smelled it. It smelled amazing. I made one, failed, and didn't bother to try again. The boys enjoyed eating it (I used a fork to scrape it out and then we smooshed the cake into balls for them to eat).

Now, this is where the fail continued. I have some microwavable muffin "tins." They hold three muffins/cupcakes each. I bought them to hold water for painting. I decided to make microwave cupcakes. Didn't turn out too hot. They cooked, but they all merged together and blah, blah, blah. It was bad. I scraped them out into a bowl and decided to bake the rest in the oven. From there I figured I'd make cake balls. After talking to my mom I decided to make a trifle. The cake won't be cut into pretty little cubes, but who cares when chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, cherry pie filling, and whip cream are involved. I'm very excited about tomorrow's dessert option!

***Edited to add: the trifle was amazing! Chocolate pudding, crumbled cake, fresh sliced strawberries, whip cream, and repeat. No, I didn't take a picture, and yes I used some very fattening ingredients, but it is divine. The twins kept calling it ice cream and Husband was quite surprised (both by the amount I made and the taste). 

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